In No Particular Order

Collaboration with Anne Dessing for the exhibition In No Particular Order 2017 by the Creative Industries Fund at the Van Abbe Museum Eindhoven.

During Dutch Design Week 2017, Creative Industries Fund NL presented the new group of designers, artists and architects who received a Talent Development over the last year. They are collectively making a statement about contemporary design practice in nine installations under the title In No Particular Order. The nine installations in the Van Abbe Museum reflect on the themes: Attitude, Inspiration, Habitat, Representation, Money, Fortune, Language, Discourse and Market. Curator Jules van den Langenberg: ‘This presentation is a collective portrait that offers reflection in practical, poetic and critical ways on the multiform contemporary working practices of a young generation of designers.’ All of the 33 participating designers provided input with conceptual as well as physical contributions such as sketches, prototypes and sources of inspiration. Van den Langenberg then invited nine progressive thinkers and makers from various fields to produce an installation based on these collections. The exhibition’s curator deliberately sought a museum context for the presentation: ‘Instead of showing completed projects or finished products by designers, in the cellar of the Van Abbe Museum we are showing another side of design practice.’

The Habitat of Talent
Does talent expand and contract according to the space they work in? The Talent Development Grant recipients were asked to submit descriptions and floorplans of their ideal workspace. Architect Anne Dessing, in collaboration with Loui Meeuwissen, displays an analysis of these contributions on a curtain. Recalling a construction drawing, the curtain’s folds connect drawings to form new hybrid spaces.

Pictures by Lonneke van der Palen and Hanneke Wetzer