A Rave Scene

Second edition of 'A Party Scene'. This performance took place for four days during opening times of the Sandberg Instituut graduation show in the bicycle basement of the former Burgerweeshuis Amsterdam where four Sandberg courses showed their graduation work.

I stage a situation by organizing a rave that pops up every hour. The party is recorded by a security camera and shown live on a computer screen within the exhibition. The screen shows a DJ and a few dancers, specific stereotypes that will be recognized from dance parties and who, upon a second glance, turn out to be looping their behaviour.

There is the DJ who turns out to be faking his live set. There is the Phone Addict, always filming the DJ and checking Facebook. There is the Rave Baby who is mostly there to get attention, blowing bubbles and sucking lollipops. There is the Lonely Raver who is enjoying his trip with eyes closed and the Homeless Raver who lives his life from afterparty to afterparty, continuously sucking a laughing gas balloon.

Confusion grows when you follow the beat to the location of the rave and move between the actors. Is this a real party? Who is spectating and who is acting? It becomes hard to distinguish what is real and what is staged.

Images by Sander van Wettum and Hung Shih Hui